Choosing A Stage Hypnotist

During the last ten years, Stage Hypnosis has undergone a resurgence of popularity and much of it has spearheaded by a new generation of Stage Hypnotists who are clinically trained (and accomplished) Hypnotherapist firstly, and Stage Hypnotists secondly.

This powerful combination has resulted in the delivery of a level of top-notch entertainment that is both lively and thoroughly enjoyed by both the audience and on-stage volunteers alike. As with any type of important decision that you may make in your life, having the knowledge first on a particular subject makes the decision making process and outcome desired that much more attainable. For that reason, this information was prepared to help assist anyone who finds themselves interested in possibly employing this type of both exciting and provocative
entertainment at one or more upcoming Events or Functions.

HypnoTERRY and Perfect Cure, Inc.’s purpose is to provide a better understanding for the entertainment buyer about Stage Hypnosis and Hypnosis in general. When properly presented, this form of entertainment can be the highest form of audience participation excitement that you can provide for your guests. But because Hypnosis has been portrayed in the way that it has been on television, movies, and books, there is a large amount of mis-information
that surrounds this fascinating subject.

Simply stated, when someone enters the state of hypnosis, they do not and will not turn into zombies, become unconscious, or float around the room. Instead, Hypnosis is a state of increased
suggestibility and concentration. It’s a very pleasant and normal state of mind that we all enter on our own at least four times every hour – naturally. It’s when we daydream, lose track of time or even zone out. Our minds are simply consolidating, storing and retrieving information that has been gathered since waking up that morning. Because of this, while you’re in a state of Hypnosis, you are still able to hear everything that is going on, but are in a very relaxed state both emotionally and physically.

Physicians, Psychologists and Hypnotherapists use hypnosis on a daily basis as a valuable tool to help people eliminate problems sleeping, improving memory and concentration, removing fears and phobias, and helping people to overcome episodes of stuttering, asthma and controlling pain. In addition, Hypnosis has proven to be very helpful in assisting people all over the world to  overcome the smoking habit, lose weight and improve their lives in many different areas. During a Stage Hypnosis Show, as long as it’s being presented by a properly trained and competent Hypnotist, the volunteers on stage (members from your audience) are professionally and gently guided into the state of Hypnosis. In this dream-like state (similar to the state that you enter every night before you fall asleep) the volunteers’ subconscious minds readily accept the suggestions given by the Hypnotist. The
volunteers will find the experience to be both relaxing and enjoyable plus, many times, become so interested in the subject, that they go on to use Hypnosis to improve their own lives from that point forward.

There are two types of Stage Hypnotists practicing today; those that have been professionally trained or have gone through some type of extensive training, and those who simply picked up a book or two on the subject and call themselves Stage Hypnotists. In addition, within the ranks of performing stage hypnotists today, there are three segments: 1. those that specialize in the county fair/amusement park arena 2. those that specialize in the private/special event arena and lastly, 3. those that specialize in both the corporate arena, as well as performing at private and special events.

Here are a sample of questions that clients have asked us or, that we have recommended that they ask when evaluating who might meet their particular entertainment needs.

Q: Can anyone be Hypnotized?

A: Yes, in fact, the best hypnotic subjects possess vivid imaginations and creative minds.

Q: Will I do anything you ask of me while Hypnotized?

A: No. Your own subconscious mind will not allow you to do or say anything that you would normally feel is against your moral or ethical beliefs.

Q: Can a person be left in a Hypnotic Trance?

A: No. Should a hypnotist fail to tell a subject to emerge, they would just drift off into a natural state of sleep, which would ultimately bring them out of the Hypnosis.

Q: What will my guests who volunteer to be part of your Show experience?

A: Hypnosis is an extremely pleasant experience where your guests will feel profoundly relaxed and content. At the end of the Show, they will emerge from the state feeling very refreshed and energized, as though they had just had a very good nights sleep. In fact the 45 minutes or so that they are experiencing Hypnosis actually equals 6 to 8 hours of regular sleep!!

Q: Will my guests remember being Hypnotized?

A: Upon coming out of the state of Hypnosis, your guests will remember all of the suggestions given to them, unless they choose not to remember them.

Q: Can anyone volunteer to be part of the Show?

A: Most definitely yes!! As long as you are able to concentrate, relax, let yourself go and be willing to be Hypnotized, your guests will have a marvelous time while enjoying being in the euphoric state of Hypnosis.

Q: What will happen during a Stage Hypnosis Show?

A: Typically, the Show begins with a monologue introduction on the subject of Stage Hypnosis which helps to de-mystify what Hypnosis is all about and encourages many of your audience members to actually volunteer to be part of the Show. After the introduction, we allow 10 to 25 excited volunteer participants to come on stage. They are seated in a semi circle facing the audience. All are then professionally, and with the utmost of dignity, gently guided into the wonderful state of Hypnosis, right in front of their colleagues, friends, neighbors and business associates! Now the fun and excitement really begins.You’re able to watch these people begin to take on various and different personalities, change their environments and see them actually become famous Rock Stars, Movie Stars, Sports Personalities and so on. Your audience rolls over in laughter while care is taken to ensure that the volunteers are not placed
in any really unseemly situation. As the Show is brought to a conclusion, everyone leaves with pleasant memories of your Event and a new found appreciation of the benefits of Hypnosis in our every day lives. The desire to do it again and/or see it again is overwhelming.

Q: How long is a Stage Hypnosis Show?

A: Shows are custom tailored to the specific Event or Function. They can run anywhere from a minimum of 45 minutes to over two hours in length.

Q: What does “corporate” show mean?

A: First of all, there is a huge difference between the type of Show that a hypnotist at a county fair or amusement park might put on as compared to a Corporate Stage Hypnosis Show. For Corporate/Private Event Clients, this is upscale entertainment that is fast paced and suitable for any type of corporate or professional audience. The best of these Shows are many times described as Las Vegas Entertainment Extravaganzas. They will utilize a state-of-the-art music system, custom props, a customized stage back drop, lighting, and table top tents (for each of your guests’ tables, which help to explain what they are about to experience). Depending on the size of the event and budget, there may be ‘on-stage’ assistants, sound technicians, Audio Visual equipment, and a videographer to capture the entire show on a souvenir DVD.

Q. Can Hypnosis be dangerous?

A: Hypnosis is not dangerous when it is practiced and provided by a professionally trained, capable practitioner. This person should be a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist firstly and a Stage Hypnotist secondly.

The safety of your audience and participants should be of utmost concern when planning and delivering a Show for your Company or Private/Special Events.

HypnoTERRY and Perfect Cure, Inc. offers exactly this type of professional stage hypnosis show delivered by professionally trained and experience hypnotists.