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Xtreme Power Hypnosis await... Looking for Hypnosis Consultation Sessions? Want to quit smoking?

Hypnosis Education Advisor Program


Finally HypnoTERRY has developed a perfect solution to the ignorance and misunderstanding regarding hypnosis that has prevented our civilization from properly advancing spiritually and emotionally into the future. The time is right for this program!

Product Description

Finally HypnoTERRY has developed a perfect solution to the ignorance and misunderstanding regarding hypnosis that has prevented our civilization from properly advancing spiritually and emotionally into the future. The time is right for this program!

The truth is simple: Hypnosis is our God Given ‘natural’ mental health tool box. We all possess it, but few know how to use it. This work requires no invasive procedures, just developing the existing power of your mind!
The mission is simple: Every citizen needs to know how to use and faithfully apply these innate talents. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis and everyone can do it. The question is clear: Why isn’t it happening? The power of each single mind must universally integrate to solve all these problems that keep holding us back.

HypnoTERRY is pleased to introduce the first direct marketing opportunity for everyone who believes in this reality. It is called the HYPNOSIS ADVISORY PROGRAM. I cannot accomplish this overwhelming mission alone. It requires a massive action program. The plan has evolved and is set in motion, but we need your involvement.

Let me get right to the point: 1. You must be interested in hypnosis or you would not be on the www.HypnoTERRY.com website. 2. This mission cannot be accomplished without help from people like you. I have made a commitment to educate as many people as possible about the power of the human mind using the application of hypnosis. There are no restrictions or limitations placed on you. All I am asking you to do is get involved: learn it, use it and teach it! ALL the ADVISORS are TEACHERS as well as STUDENTS! That is what makes this plan work!
Our mutual goal is to facilitate the immediate transformation and manifestation of successful HUMAN DEVELOPMENT. Masses of people will choose to participate in this endeavor. Monetary income from this effort is necessary and expected to sustain the required growth. We already know that time is of the essence. The spiritual and mental framework of our society is collapsing around us as we speak. This plan creates the group power to change that fact. You can be a part of this enlightenment. You will deserve and will receive compensation for your commitment and talent. This is HUGE! So allow yourself to be rewarded for saving yourself and others in a huge way!
Right now I am sure you want to know, “How can I improve my financial situation and help others by learning HYPNOSIS?” It is incredibly easy, fun, and rewarding on every level. There are a limitless number of ways to generate revenue; dependent only upon your imagination. (Our training will also dramatically enhance you imagination.)
CALL Terry at 402.850.8286 and/or the person who invited you here with any questions.
Following are the reasons it will work for you:
XPH CD’s / Videos / Digital Information
30% commission (Level 1) = your personal sales
10% commission (Level 2) = your personal team sales
5% commission (Level 3) = your first levels team sales
5% commission (Level 4) = your second levels team sales
The Master Education Advisor position is available to qualified applicants and includes a FULL 50% commission.
Private Sessions = 20% commission w/ same levels as product commissions
Group Sessions = 30% commission w/ same levels as product commissions
Hypnosis Shows = 25% commission w/same levels as product commissions
+Group Session attendees automatically become part of the sponsoring Hypnosis Advisor’s Organization.
++ The Hypnosis Advisor can allocate proceeds from all sales or specific categories to fundraising revenue.
+++There are several other parts of the compensation plan that make this even more exciting. They will be explained in your training sessions.

Ask yourself the last & most important question:
Does it make sense to pay for the standard hypnosis sessions and materials in order to solve your own problems/goals and forget about the big picture or should you become an integral part of the big plan = the HYPNOSIS ADVISOR PROGRAM? If you choose the second alternative you will invest considerably less money and have the opportunity to advance yourself. You will be sharing what you are learning with others as you enjoy the additional benefits of generating residual income? Think about it! It does make good sense, doesn’t it! Everybody comes to understand the value of this program? It is a WIN-WIN situation!
This is an absolutely perfect way for anyone to change their life in every way, including financially! If you truly want to learn these life altering skills and be able to help other people at the same time we have created the system for you. Just follow the path outlined below and take MASSIVE ACTION IMMEDIATELY…………………………..


1. Immediately CALL Terry at 402.850.8286 and/or the person who invited you here with any questions and we will activate your FREE Introductory Session. This session is included FREE to each new member.

2. Select ‘Experience XPH’ option #1 or #2 and click on the ADD TO CART
box at the bottom of the page.

(option #1 includes one XPH Private Session + an XPH Complete CD Set)

(option #2 includes one XPH Complete CD Set, one Basic CD Set, one Weight Release CD Set, and one Stop Smoking CD Set = 4 CD Sets TOTAL)

These options have a $245.00 to $265.00 Retail Value

but the total investment for the HYPNOSIS ADVISOR PROGRAM is only $ 149.00

3. Complete the Hypnosis Advisor Training w/ Terry and/or your Advisor.
4. Complete the basic Hypnosis Advisor exam w/ Terry and/or your Advisor
5. Start your new ADVISORY BUSINESS and your new life!
6. Keep studying and practicing your skills.
7. Relax and let people know why you feel so darn good!
That’s all there is to it…….JUST DO IT NOW & you’re in BUSINESS!
God Bless You – make the decision that you truly feel is right for you. It could be the right time for you to be part of something greater than anything you have ever experience before and make yourself happy and secure at the same time………….

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